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Nick Bennett

Strategy Director

How Can Brands Keep Millennial Consumers Engaged Online?

With so much recent attention in the business and digital press, the Millennial Generation have become a large topic of discussion. There is a lot of research surrounding Millennials that only covers how to market to them - but not keeping them genuinely engaged with your ongoing brand experience.

As a digital consumption powerhouse (averaging over 96 hours per week online), they know when you as a brand have a limit in technology or are just being lazy with your service offering. We have created 6 Millennial Maxims that brands need to follow in order to successfully engage with Millennial consumers in a meaningful manner:

Infographic On Millennial Marketing

Engagement - Not A One-Way Conversation

To learn more about how brands can forge true partnerships with Millennial consumers, offering them a digital experience that goes above and beyond their expectations, you can download our Millennial whitepaper:

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