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Nick Phipps

Marketing Manager

Rawnet on digital trends for 2017

It's that time of year when industry gurus try to predict which trends will emerge in digital and marketing this year. With that in mind I asked a few of the Rawnet team to give us their expert opinion on which 2017 trends resonate with them.

Jay Dick

Creative Director

2017 will see a rise in brands delivering on the promise of real customer experiences through VR (virtual reality) & AR (augmented reality) being coined as the virtual experience economy. Whilst it has been a test bed and gaming showcase for the last couple of years we are starting to notice more customers enquire about the possibilities VR could bring their businesses and how existing services and technologies could be used to promote better online experiences. You just have to look at ABBAs 2018 Virtual Reality tour or Alibaba's VR & AR shopping platform to know the technology is set and ready to offer consumers a new way of interacting with products or services.

Brands delivering on the promise of real customer experiences

We are already building out our own VR digital experiences in our Labs at Rawnet to better understand the possibilities and bring pro-active ideas to our clients and their customers.

Sam Evans

Experience & Strategy Director @SamGoodEvans

VR to me is like native apps, there is a barrier of access and the novelty will 'potentially' wear thin.

Digital detox will be a thing. We add and grab more features, expecting people to cope, they can't do it, it's human nature. If anything, simplicity, reduction, minimalism will start to rear it's head.

Simplicity, reduction, minimalism...

IoT still has a way to go though (within reason), BUT we will start to see reduction here too. Take Apples 'HOME' app. They are trying to reduce 5 user journeys into 1.

Adam Smith

Managing Director @tumbleweeds

Turning this on it's head. I think 'Trends' will stop being a trend. Bear with me...

The digital and marketing world get in a frenzy every so often over new technology and what it can bring. In 2005, the the QR code was going to change the world, last year drones were going to be delivering pizzas and augmented reality was going to take over the world. 5 days later, after everyone was bored of Pokemon and it was decided that it's more cost efficient to deliver a pizza on a moped, we reverted back to what was working.

Yes it's exciting to get involved in the next best thing - but marketers and digital folk really need to get better at understanding both the commercial, usability and convenience factors that end up making a new trend an actual success. It's nice to be seen as 'cutting edge' by embracing new ideas, but true success is the correct execution of these ideas in a way that makes a consumers life easier and more convenient.

I think the real trend will be 'getting the basics right'

I have to say I've fallen for it. Last year I bought a 'wifi kettle' with the misguided aspiration that I could save a few precious seconds with futuristic convenience. On reflection, that was pure madness and a total lapse of common sense. For 2 weeks, I thought I was in The Jetsons because I could unlock my phone (2 seconds), find the app (another 3 seconds), wait for it to connect (another 5 seconds), before I could press a 'boil' button and let the magic happen. And this only worked for the 10% of the time there was enough water in the kettle.

Needless to say it's now in the garage, along with 2016's hopes and dreams that IoT is going to dramatically change our lives.

So, I think the real trend will be 'getting the basics right' - there are still so many quick wins in terms of digital transformation and consumer optimisation that do not need new tech or trends - they just need a sensible educated and experienced approach. Cut the dazzle, deliver what's going to work.

That's what we think, but what do you think? Comment below or tweet us @rawnet.