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Not your average Valentine’s blog. #LoveRawnet

Rawnet has a fantastic reputation for low staff turnover and wonderful office culture. So here we are, a valentine’s blog based on responses from the Rawnet team and what’s been clear throughout is the mutual love shared for the company, the team and their jobs:

"At Rawnet, everyone is genuinely friends. In some jobs, you can get that ‘I hate Mondays’ feeling...but not here.

I love working for Rawnet because, they are always striving to improve and that is encouraged in us all. It’s a really motivated environment.

I love my job because I love ALL my clients and I have the opportunity to socialize. I’ve built some great relationships.” Fran Aries - Account Manager

“Rawnet embraces a lot of different types of people, and plays to their strengths. That diversity of thought is what I think makes the Rawnet culture something special compared to other places I've worked. Not everyone works in the same way, or socializes in the same way, but everyone has their own perspective to offer, and their own approach to apply.

One of the best things about Rawnet is that they don't tell you how to do your job. Rawnet hires people who are passionate, motivated and who really care about what they do. This means that we cut down on the corporate fluff, and we let people get on with creating awesome stuff. Anyone can talk to anyone, and get anyone's perspective. We all feed off each other's ideas, praise and constructive criticism and turn that towards constantly improving what we're putting out.

We're original, and we have a lot of people who embody that spirit of originality. We don't have to do things how everyone else does them just because "that's how it's done". If it doesn't work, we get rid of it. If it seems like a good idea, we try it and see if it works. It doesn't matter where the idea comes from, if it's good, it's good.

So, the best thing about Rawnet culture for me is that we're not afraid of unfamiliarity. No one has to be or do the same as everyone else, and our ideas don't all have to conform. Everyone has a voice and a perspective to offer.” Jason - Senior UI Developer

“What I love about Rawnet is that they care as much about your career as you do. Most companies that I have worked for focus on what you can do for them, but even at interview stage, I was being asked what I wanted from my role. I've never been asked that... This immediately made me feel like Rawnet does things differently.

They don't skim over the little things that show appreciation for the work being done here. Everyone is encouraged and motivated to do better and develop. You definitely aren't just an employee number here; you are part of a big family. I have learned so much from my team after two years and even though there are some insanely creative people, there are no egos... which is weird. This is without question the best move I have made. I'm working with the best people, the office banter is ridiculous and ultimately, work just doesn't feel like work!

The dreaded Monday Morning feeling doesn't exist here.” Catherine - Designer

“I joined Rawnet in August 2010 and to see the company growth year on year has been fantastic and rewarding. I love Rawnet because we’re always pushing the boundaries of digital; we’re at the forefront of web development and the people I work with are ridiculously talented.

I’m a Lead Developer at Rawnet; I therefore work with Sales at the quoting stage, Producers at the specification stage, Project Managers at the scheduling stage through to our world-renowned PHP development team. From a technical point of view, I ensure that project objectives are being met, problems are being solved and my team don’t face any barriers to do their job on time and on budget to an agreed specification. I also develop, review and test code, help solve complex problems and fix bugs. My job also involves regular catch-ups with my team, discussing future plans, tools and techniques and defining personal objectives.

I love my job because the people I work with and the projects I work on make it less of a job and more of a passion - it’s always a pleasure working in a talented and ambitious environment because you feel driven to succeed and to challenge yourself on a daily basis.” James - Lead PHP Developer

“I have been at Rawnet 3 years and 9 months (4 year anniversary in May) and I love it, time has flown by.

The reason I love Rawnet is because it is like a second family, sometimes I think I put more into Rawnet than I do my actual relationship - but it's purely because I want Rawnet to be the best. I have massive respect for Adam and Donna, they have created a company that breeds friendliness and passion, and because they are so lovely and supportive, it naturally makes me want to just do the best I can.

Working with other people who also want to be the best is so rewarding, everyone wants to create awesomeness on the interweb, which makes it a great environment to be in. I love the fact that I wake up everyday wanting to come to work. I honestly NEVER dread coming to work and I look forward to seeing everyone on a daily basis, I even miss people when they are out of the office!

Since I started in 2012, Rawnet has been a fun place to work. We have fun, we make fun and there’s no hidden agenda. People genuinely get on with each other - which can sometimes be a challenge, as companies grow bigger, but not for Rawnet. I'm so excited for the future of Rawnet and am so honoured to be a part of it.” Sam - Account Manager

“I love Rawnet because as a company they are always open to new ideas and they are not afraid to push boundaries and work outside of the ‘norm’. We are encouraged to work to our strengths.

You’ll find our work framed around the office, which gives you a real sense of accomplishment and passion for what we do. The Rawnet culture has a real positive vibe, relaxed but motivated and enthusiastic. In terms of job satisfaction, clients and colleagues. There’s a lot to love, we have a good balance!

I love my job because we’re encouraged to work to our strengths and use the skills that ultimately, I was employed for! Rawnet are big advocates of personal development and I’ve progressed so much here” Matt - Senior Illustrator

“Rawnet has a great working environment where you’re free to be creative!

The culture is so easygoing and relaxed with a real family feel. Originally I came from Romania and I moved to the UK for this position. Rawnet are my UK family!

I’ve always been into art and design; I used to draw a lot as a kid. Then I discovered the web and how it works and found a passion for web design. It started as a hobby and now I get to do what I enjoy, for a living!” Cosmin - Junior Designer

“I love Rawnet because they are ambitious as a company and we aim high. We strive to make things the best they can be.

The culture is very much the same in that, they want to do the best they can and try new things. It’s a very creative environment.

I love my job because I get involved in some really crazy and new things. I’ve worked on some really interesting projects. We do things that appear impossible and it really pays off. I work with a great team and I can learn a lot from them. There are no ‘passengers’ on the team, we all strive to improve and there is honestly a great mix of skills and strengths throughout the organisation.” Mark - Senior Back-end Developer

“It will be 4 years in July since I joined Rawnet. It was a small agency back then, I think there were only 12 of us when I joined. The beautiful thing is that Rawnet's amazing growth hasn't change the company culture, there's still that Rawnet "thing" in everyone, old and new peeps alike. That Rawnet culture is a bit hard to describe, I guess we don't feel like regular corporate employees and we treat the company as if it was our own. I work remotely from Portugal but it really feels like home when I'm at the Ascot office. I'm always super welcomed by everyone. I feel like I'm a part of it all even if at a distance.” Pedro - PHP Developer

“I love Rawnet because we are one big happy family! The love, support & respect everyone has for each other is amazing.

I love my Job because I love showing off what a talented agency we are at our events. I like making everyone’s lives a little bit easier in the office too, and surprise sandwich parties go down a treat!” Cherry - Event Manager

“Rawnet provides an environment where we have the independence to grow and express ourselves. We are all very open with each other and have some real talented people within our teams; in fact arguably we have some of the best designers I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

With every fast growing organisation, we’ve had some growing pains but people are very adaptable. We celebrate our team’s success and love to see each other succeed. We will go out of our way to help one another.

We have a friendly and diverse team and always have Rawnet’s clients in our hearts.

I enjoy what I do; client satisfaction is everything to me. It’s a joy coming into the office each day.

Compared to large London agencies that are very regimented, we have the flexibility and adaptability needed to make a project successful.

What’s great is, there is a good ‘work/life balance’ and yet the work never suffers. We are smarter at what we do and we have the personal touch that is lacking in other businesses.’ Nick - Strategic Planning Director

It’s clear after speaking to everyone and whilst writing this blog, that there’s a lot of love for Rawnet and each other and that’s rare to find in a company. As the ‘new girl on the block’, I instantly felt welcomed into the Rawnet family, and it truly is just that...a family. I’m lucky enough to have joined such a talented group of people who are truly passionate about the company, the brand, the team, their clients and the work that they produce.

I know I’m going to love my job because I’m encouraged to use my skills to implement some creative and fun campaigns with little limitation.

I come from a creative background but fell into the software industry early on. Rawnet looked past that and brought me back into the 'creative' world, where I’m encouraged to think and work creatively. That’s a dream come true for me! Needless to say, I'm very excited for my future with Rawnet. Sarah - Marketing Manager

Happy Valentines Day... from us all! #LoveRawnet

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