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Cesar Suero

Account & BD Director

Another MIP done!

As my flight from Nice back to NYC hovered around JFK airport last Thursday afternoon, only to land in Hartford, Connecticut due to the plane running low on fuel, it gave me time to reflect on yet another trip to Cannes for MIP.

Another market in the books and what do I have to show for it? A boat load of Delta Sky Miles and somehow I’m still only a “Zone 1” passenger. Really? What does a man have to do to get priority seating?

If we’re keeping count, I’m a 12-time MIP attendee. Which means I’m not quite a teenager, I’m a tween. That weird age where parents begin to notice significant changes in their child’s behavior. Well this market did feel a bit strange, there were some behavioral changes. I drank less, slept less, ate less and somehow it turned out to be a pretty productive market.

It was an odd market for sure. I saw very little cocktail parties or just parties in general. Dare I say, it was a dry MIP. Not weather wise though, you know where I’m getting at. The lack of partying can only mean one of three things, we’re all getting old, pockets are tight or MIPCOM is going to be down right epic! Let’s hope is the latter and that it doesn’t rain (knock on wood).

I did see some things at MIP this time around that I liked. More people were talking digital. And not the Netflix, OTT, video streaming type of digital but the kind of digital that more and more folks should be talking about at these markets. It was the kind of digital that was themed around technology and creativity and taking a more strategic approach to showcasing your content both at the market and away from it.

As an agency, sure we’d love to see more experiential marketing, more technology behind some of the stands, better screening solutions and an overall better experience for buyers and distributors when it comes to selling content.

At the moment, you walk in and around the Palais, some stands a nicer than others, some have better views of the beach, some have nice spreads of croissants, pastries, rosé wine and some just have water. Each stand branded from corner to corner with some really beautiful images of hot new titles and big budget programs. These are all great things! Every exhibitor has a uniqueness about them, each trying to out do one another. Big or small, the look and feel of some of the stands are really impressive.

However, where some exhibitors fall short is in how this level of attentiveness does not translate to what a large percentage of the market is doing online. You see, taking an off the shelf approach to your digital strategy is not always the most cost effective way of doing business. The clock will always be ticking. Buyers are consumers. They want to consume your content just as they consume content on Netflix or Hulu. Ultimately, what a buyer experiences at your stand should be heightened a dozen times over when they land on your sales site or engage with your brand online.

Having worked with ITV Studios, Scripps Networks, A+E, AMC, Viacom and others of the last handful of years, we have learned how buyers like to browse and screen content, how they like to search and create/share wish lists. We understand the MIP audience and can confidently say that a buyer cannot buy what they cannot experience. This experience shouldn’t be limited to 4 days a year every April and October, it should be all year around.

We’ve launched Rawnet One, a new B2B Sales system that provides a more a flexible way for content distributors to drastically improve how they engage, connect and ultimately improve how programs are sold.

MIP is changing. Making compromises with technology is no longer the norm. Distributors are getting more aware and more comfortable with getting rid of old legacy systems that are inefficient and ineffective.

We’d love to be on your side for this digital transformation that we’re starting to see at MIP.

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